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Day 25 part 3: 41,773 words; for the first time through this NaNoWriMo I have surpassed the target word count for today!

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During the second half of the movie, Nora began to realize that there was more to Rick than the dishonest, immoral drunk she originally had him pegged for. When he helped a man cheat at roulette so his pretty young wife wouldn’t have to get letters of transit from Captain Renault by other means, Mrs. Tillynaught blew her nose into her hankie very loudly and Nora heard others sniffling around her. When Laszlo interrupted a German song and got everyone singing a French song, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards sang along and everyone cheered along with the cast at the end of it. Even Nora laughed when Captain Renault closed down the Cafe Americain due to gambling and a second later received his winnings. When Rick and Ilsa cuddled on the couch, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards snuggled closer together, and when Rick said, “Here’s looking at you, kid,” the entire audience cheered, some erupting into coughing.

At the end of the film, Rick said, “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” and Nora at once realized that this was the most famous movie ever, even eclipsing Titanic. The old people, sobbing and blowing their noses into their hankies with loud toots, sat through the entire credits. As they finally shuffled out, Nora turned to Ryan and said, “That’s it? He just lets her go?”

Ryan blinked. He had the longest eyelashes.

Nora added, “I thought it was a love story.”

Ryan said, “Nora, haven’t you ever seen Casablanca before?”

Caught! For once she didn’t care to keep up appearances; she was who she was and Ryan might as well know her for who she was. “I guess not. I was actually kind of joking when I mentioned it. But you seemed so keen on it…”

Ryan kind of cracked a half smile. Was he laughing at her or did he find it cute that she


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