Kings of the Concrete Jungle

in a cats eye pole to pole publishing In the zombie apocalypse, the real winners are the cats. Those who follow the feline ways survive. But at what cost? Read my new story in the Pole to Pole Publishing anthology, In a Cat’s Eye.


phantaxis“Dr. Foster” – He’s offered the experience of a lifetime, but there’s a catch: he won’t be able to remember anything. Read “Dr. Foster” in the November issue of the brand-new Sci-Fi and Fantasy magazine, Phantaxis.

Spot the Kitty

spot the kitty Spot the Kitty contains an all-ages video game, cat advice, stories, information, and pictures. Posts written by K. I. Borrowman.

The Nardvark

The Nardvark English help The Nardvark is an irreverently educational site for all English students. Site written and maintained by K. I. Borrowman.

Apple of his Eye

Aphelion webzineDo you believe in magic? I certainly didn’t, until last Wednesday. Short story published on Aphelion Webzine 

Devolution Z

Devolution Z Horror Magazine“Strength in Numbers” (September, 2015); “I Feel” (October, 2015); “Chupacabras” (February, 2016). Devolution Z is a horror zine available in PDF or print format. 


Explorer in RealLies anthologyThe last survivor of a demolished Earth outpost on a distant planet takes a forbidden trip to the other side. Published in “RealLies” Anthology by Zharmae Publishing Press.


Eater in Blood Moon Rising Halloween Issue Not a zombie story – “Eater” was published in issue #42, Halloween Issue of Blood Moon Magazine.


Bazoof! British Columbia Youth MagazineVarious freelance contributions to this Canadian youth magazine since 2011 – BAZOOF!

Second Chance

Second Chance in Isotropic Fiction Magazine“K. I. Borrowman’s sci-fi tale “Second Chance” suggests that resurrection is overrated, and what may die must die.” – Isotropic Fiction Magazine

Online Writing Samples

K.I Borrowman - Author's Assistant

K.I. Borrowman – Author’s Assistant

Berlin for Escape Wizard

Dusseldorf for What’s Cheaper

How to get your Cat to Take Medicine” for Spot the Kitty

How to Kick IB Language A…’s Butt” for The Nardvark

Alert – Cure for Cancer Swept under the Rug” for Gullible Lives Matter (satire)

The Curse of Shakespeare screenplay

Fright Night Film Festival award

Fright Night Film Festival award

A Shakespeare professor helps his new employers unearth the Bard’s bones for a theme-park style museum, but in doing so they unleash a curse that begins killing the grave-robbers in their own tragedies. Winner of the 2016 Fright Night Film Festival award for Best Thriller Screenplay. “The Curse of Shakespeare” screenplay by K. I. Borrowman Tolley, first ten pages.